You and me, 2015


Celine Butaye, shades, compostion 11 sept., 2015

Herman Van Ingelgem, Here, 2015

Kristof Van Gestel, Zetobject, 2007

Bie Michels No words – rethought 1, 2013


Overeenkomst Gespreksobject/AM Poster NL – Agreement Conversation Piece/AM Poster ENG,  2015 (Design Raf Vancampenhoudt)

This poster announced the Performance Artwork ‘Agreement Conversation Piece/AM’. In this participatory artwork in the guestroom of the building of Enough Room for Space I explained the reciprocal and dependent relationship between artist and spectator. Starting from experiencing the artwork ‘Conversation Piece/AM’ participants could enter into a conversation with me. Then this meeting was set out in an agreement. Over the whole of the weekend I had 16 conversations. A big thank you to the participants!


Photography: Lorelinde Verhees